Paradigm And Anthem Join The CEDIA Designer, Facilitating Accurate High Render Channel Count Immersive Audio Home Theatre Designs In Minutes

Paradigm And Anthem Join The CEDIA Designer, Facilitating Accurate High Render Channel Count Immersive Audio Home Theatre Designs In Minutes

Posted on 27th June 2018

Using The CEDIA Designer, integrators anywhere in the world can quickly and accurately design high render channel count Paradigm and Anthem home theatres with ease.

Paradigm and Anthem have announced that both brands’ extensive range of home theatre products are now available within The CEDIA Designer’s (TCD) online database. Using TCD, integrators can quickly design technically accurate home theatres and media rooms using Paradigm and Anthem’s prestigious product lines, confident in the fact that the room will have predictable results based on industry standards.

Paradigm’s comprehensive product range is now live within the software, so whether you’re an integrator or dealer wanting to quickly design a classic two-channel stereo media room using bookshelf or floor-standing speakers, or are looking to design an enveloping multichannel home theatre system using Paradigm’s custom install, immersive audio in-ceiling or in-wall loudspeakers and subwoofers – TCD caters for all levels of theatre design.

Anthem’s product offerings have also been updated within the online design software to reflect the very latest product releases, including the brand’s range of immersive audio AV processors and AV receivers, integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers and preamplifiers – allowing TCD users to confidently design multi-channel Anthem home theatre systems.

Crucially, using TCD will allow integrators to confidently design technically perfect immersive audio Paradigm and Anthem home theatres in a matter of minutes, eliminating the guesswork when it comes to placing all the required loudspeakers accurately in a room in a way that is relative to the listening area. Using TCD is the only way home technology professionals can accurately design technically perfect high render channel count immersive audio home theatres in such a short space of time. 

“Paradigm and Anthem products are high performance tools that enable specialty AV professionals to deliver amazing experiences for their clients — of course, the better the home theater speakers and electronics, the greater the potential for an exceptional experience. However, that potential can only be fully realized when products are properly positioned, set up, and performance optimised. The CEDIA Designer software is a great tool to help our dealers achieve that goal,” says Keith Dowd, Paradigm & Anthem, Director of US Sales.

“TCD is bolstered by the products that we have in the tool, and I know from experience as an integrator that Paradigm and Anthem are very widely used and are hugely popular within the CI community,” said TCD inventor, Guy Singleton. “By updating Anthem’s newest products in the software and by introducing the Paradigm range, we are confident that we are continuing to bring good brands into the fold for the benefit of our users worldwide. From reference theatres to small media rooms, Anthem and Paradigm cater for all levels of home cinema installs, and we are so pleased to have them join the TCD family.”